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License 123 is a huge scam, stilling money from hard working people, l better get my money refunded ASAP, my next step is filling a complain with a federal agency and contacting a lawyer. License 123 is definitely not good for society.

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License 123 - Ripped off by a when sold me 6 biz licenses that I now know did not need!

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If you are a small business owner and are in the process of finding a company that will help you obtain business licenses or permits be careful who you go with! I contacted for my biz licenses BIG MISTAKE!

I was told in the very first sale call that I needed 6 licenses. For the record, I had informed the sale rep that already had some like my: Food Managers Certificate, Company formation LLC, Sales Permit TX and Tax Subchapter and he still insisted that I still needed to 6. I was charged $695 for 6 licenses NOW I know did not need and funny thing the sales rep told me that he couldn't disclose the name of the licenses before purchasing them. It took me 20 days to get and many emails to finally get the name of the licenses they charged me for.

To my surprised they charged for the ones I already told me I had! I called the manager and he was very rude, he cut me off, didn't really let me explained myself and had the nerve to tell me that I had wasted their time and not explaining myself correctly from the beginning! what a joke! Not only they sold me more things that I didn't need on purpose, but they have a very poor trained staff that had no idea what they were doing.

Trying to get me a DBA when I already had an LLC. They even sent me an email letting me know that an inspector would come by to inspect my location on Wednesday and to my surprise the inspector shows up on a Tuesday. Very disorganize company. A bunch of amateurs.

They lied to me by selling me more licenses than I needed. The manager was rude to me.

The staff has no training what so ever and to make matters worse they won't even refund my full amout of $695! Bunch of thieves!

Monetary Loss: $695.

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No positive review. So does anyone have any other sites they recommend using?

to Anonymous Austin, Texas, United States #1275724


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They got me out of $300 and I want to wow a lawsuit against license 123

Menlo Park, California, United States #949819

We have an editorial review on License123. It's not worth it.


They charging you $99 for some *** info that you don't even need, fooling you by making you thing you are paying for a permit. What a scam!


I definitely agree

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #784299

I just spoke with a male rep and would not disclose his name when I asked or his last name 1st red flag. Then he could not answer me a specific question only kept repeating the same thing over and over.

I asked on the category list you have none of the ones listed fall under what I do. He stated he would have to do it manually. I said Great what is the category that I would manually fall under. he ended up getting upset because he spoke with a intelligent person and knew he was not going to screw me over.

So I hung up. Luckily I did not give them my money. 99.00 does not mean much to me. However, it may mean a lot for someone else.

Be careful with these guys I would not deal with them as their customer service is horrible and they are only there to make a quick buck. Hope this helps in saving you some dollars or a really annoying call.



Yes they are a joke and cannot answer a question at all

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